Sometimes we already have our dream home at our fingertips, but there just isn’t enough space. That’s where additions come into play. Discover how you can expand your home to address your needs as a Los Angeles area homeowner. 

Square footage is immeasurably valuable to homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area. Often we become attached to our homes and neighborhood but realize they no longer meet our practical needs. Home additions allow you to remain in your neighborhood while expanding your space to meet your evolving needs.  

Whether you have just expanded the family, are interested in housing a loved one, or just want more space, home additions transform your space to increase your possibilities. At Pacific Ocean Builders, we listen carefully to our client demands and discover innovative ways to expand their space while seamlessly integrating design to match the original home appeal. Connect with us today to discover how your space can be updated to meet your needs.


Stunning Home Addition Makeover...

Simply Transforms Your Home!

Our Designer team place great emphasis on customizing our addition interior architectural and design work to meet the clients’ personal needs, style, taste, and budget.

We blend creativity, experience, and skill to introduce our signature style and expertise throughout our home addition work.

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We believe that good design is the harmonious blending of the crucial principles of design with the unique and personal vision of the client, and the designer’s skills and expertise.

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Is your space feeling too cramped? Do you want to expand your LA area home?

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