While many homeowners desire luxury results, it’s also essential for greater Los Angeles area properties to be professionally retrofitted. With seismic activity a lingering reality, LA area homes need to be secured for when the next earthquake strikes.  

Fortunately, homeowners do not have to choose between style and safety. At Pacific Ocean Builders, we integrate creative solutions for meeting both practical and aesthetic needs. It’s our mission to deliver premium quality services that will strengthen your structure for many successful decades of use. 

Our team offers premium framing services to ensure the structural stability of your greater Los Angeles area property. We provide a thorough home evaluation to identify weak areas and offer permanent strengthening solutions. We also provide premium framing services for expanding your space through home additions. 

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We believe that good design is the harmonious blending of the crucial principles of design with the unique and personal vision of the client, and the designer’s skills and expertise.


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