Backyard Remodeling

Backyards make for significant social gathering areas for many Los Angeles homeowners. At Pacific Ocean Builders, we’re here to renovate your space to open up your possibilities. 

When it comes to backyard projects, we’re able to respond to many needs. At Pacific Ocean Builders, we offer full yard drainage services to keep your property healthy, luscious, and attractive. We not only offer all yard drainage services on the market, but we also offer creative solutions for solving yard drainage issues such as strategic greenery and ponds for aesthetically pleasing and practical options.

Another backyard service that many greater Los Angeles area homeowners seek is hillside yard expansion. Our team of skilled contractors relies on trusted services such as caisson boxes and retaining walls to increase your usable yard space with secure and reliable results. We understand that every square foot counts and we want you to get the most out of your Los Angeles area property.

At Pacific Ocean Builders, we specialize in integrating design with practicality for attractive and beneficial results that allow homeowners to reap many happy years in their transformed space. Whether you want to expand your yard, attend to drainage issues, or integrate a dream pool or patio, turn to Pacific Ocean Builders for your backyard needs in the greater Los Angeles area.


Stunning Backyard Makeover...

Simply Transforms Your Backyard!

Our Designer team place great emphasis on customizing our addition backyard design work to meet the clients’ personal needs, style, taste, and budget.

We blend creativity, experience, and skill to introduce our signature style and expertise throughout our backyard remodeling work.

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We believe that good design is the harmonious blending of the crucial principles of design with the unique and personal vision of the client, and the designer’s skills and expertise.


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Are you interested in redesigning your Los Angeles property backyard? Let's discover your luxury backyard options!

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