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Trending Kitchen Designs for Los Angeles Homes

Home renovations are an exciting process, as they allow for the chance to dream up your ideal space. However, there are many elements to consider when mapping out the renovation. Explore some of the trending kitchen design ideas on the LA market to find inspiration for your kitchen renovation.

Minimalist Appeal

People have spent an increased amount of time in their kitchens in the last year and a half. One thing this has influenced is the trending design of the space. Many homeowners seek to have decluttered and minimalist spaces that maximize efficiency. While style is still an important aspect of kitchen designs for many, an emphasis has been placed on easy access. Smaller kitchens especially benefit from utilizing every aspect of the space for compacted needs. Be sure to discuss the logistics of your kitchen renovation project with your contractor. 

Splash of Color

Many homeowners are favoring a bold look when it comes to their kitchens. Since people are spending more time at home, many are seeking ways to help their surroundings positively influence their moods. A splash of cheerful color is therefore becoming a popular kitchen renovation trend. There are several ways to integrate color into your kitchen. An increasing amount of homeowners favor colored cabinets. However, more cautious homeowners can include a colorful backsplash for added color that doesn’t overpower the space. 

Tiling Layout

Tiles are a popular kitchen renovation choice that also makes for a great way to integrate color. When it comes to integrating tiles into your kitchen, formation and detailing matter. Trendy LA homeowners are experimenting with shapes and patterns when it comes to creating an eye-catching and room-brightening backsplash. Statement backsplash and surfaces are also on the rise as people seek to evoke positive emotions with their kitchen design layout.

Storage Solutions

Kitchen renovations are about meeting multiple needs, as they should be both eye-catching and practical. Integrating your storage needs into your kitchen space is an important thing to consider when it comes to mapping out the space. Concealed storage spaces should be well-placed in the kitchen to provide easy access to frequently used products. Smoothly integrating the cabinetry also allows for the flow of the kitchen to be undisturbed. 

Color Schemes

While many homeowners are turning to color splashes to open up the space, it’s important to consider your overall desired color palette. Some homeowners favor a minimalistic approach with a single splash of color. Others opt for two-toned kitchens or a medley of colors. In addition to tiling, paint is another way to achieve a brightened look for the space. Decide on your color scheme before you begin picking out appliances, as you don’t want your walls to clash with your cabinet handles and faucets. 

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